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Braces Treatment

Braces Treatment

Braces Treatment

At The Ile Dental Centre

Orthodontic treatment at the Ile Dental Centre is provided by dentist Dr. Louisa Beale through the Quick Straight Teeth system.

Louisa particularly enjoys taking a patient who does not love their smile or is embarrassed to smile to a point where they love to show off their smile. She says

Create your beautiful smile

“I find it so rewarding seeing patients start to smile again and seeing their confidence grow. Sometimes it can be a tooth slightly out of alignment or a slightly rotated tooth that they are conscious about and putting that right for them makes all the difference to their confidence.”

To find out more about the Quick Straight Teeth system click here. To book in to have an initial consultation with Louisa call the Ile Dental Centre on 01460 52480.

Before treatment

quick straight teeth: before picture

After treatment

quick straight teeth: after picture